This week has been interesting and different from my usual Monday and Tuesday!!!  Why? well, cos i’ve been doing different things, exploring various hidden aspects of mine and learning/discovering new things/traits as well…

Sunday evening Apar and A jr came over to spend the night.. After a few hours or talking, laughing, thinking aloud, it was time to call it  a day, err night… !! Monday dawned bright and cool, and i spent the day with A jr, juggling between playing with him and getting some work done.. Was an interesting experience, not babysat in ages, actually, not babysat a smart 4yr 5yr old boy ever.. He is one well behaved kid, who knows what he wants and will ask/express if he wants something else.. so, life was easy!!

That evening, went to Apar’s office club [read about my 1st time experience here] … Said a round of Hi hello to familiar faces and settled in to play a game of Rummy with 2of her colleagues… Was fun.. i had recently learnt the game properly… lolz.. Lost it cos i dint have a card! Damn!!! From there, moved around looking at the folks playing Pool [another game i’ve not tried but been tempted to]… Following that my eyes strayed towards the Dartboard in the corner… S, Apar’s colleague came over asking if i want to play…

Said, why not and picked up 3 darts each…. there was a mat placed which i guess marks the distance from where one stands to throw the darts….  Was quite impressed with myself… 1st game i won, 2nd game S did and 3rd game we played till we couldnt play anymore..frustration took over as neither was able to shoot the required score!! 😀

We start the game with either 301 or 501 as opening score [ don’t ask why, were just told thats how its done  :-)heck i dint create the game!! ], and keep deducting the score we earn after 3shots.. as you come to smaller numbers, say 40 and below, you need to get double [ shoot in a 20 double spot, or if your score is 5 = shoot a 1, and then in 2 double slot and so on….]…. 🙂 

Quite a lot fun!!! It was the 1st time i was playing the game and at the end of the day, my right arm, near the elbow hurt…. ha ha ha.. [serves me right for getting over enthusiastic] but no regrets…. 

Coming up next…. attacking the pool table… 🙂

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