Wow, today is Dec 27th!! Wonder where the year went by… Last night as i sat in the bus,returning from a mini 2day trip [hush now, will write abt it in a bit] back to Chennai, i was really thankful for 2009..

It was a year 

  • Where i grew closer to certain friends… 
  • Made some amazing friends – online and offline… 🙂
  • Explored new terrain at work ..
  • Learnt a bit more about how to deal with people
  • Learnt a bit more about myself [ my +ves and -ves]
  • Tried my hand at some new games= Dart n Pool
  • Where i travelled more than ever.. some trips on my own as well 

Wonder what is in store in 2010….but am sure its gonna be a roller coaster year!!! 🙂