I written a post earlier about the whole coffee shop culture, which included working from them, and what it meant for me. You can read the post here. I had also written a post about the top three places I love visiting in Pune, and in fact these make for good places to work from as well. Read the post here.

Today, I shall talk about few other cafes that I’ve been to, that I love not just for the beverages or food, but also the ambiance and the comfort it gives me. I have been able to just sit and enjoy some me time, read, and even work or write from these places.

Finding Focus with a Flat White: The Best Cafes for Working Remotely in Pune

The allure of ditching the traditional office for the freedom and flexibility of remote work is undeniable. But let’s be honest, working from your pajamas can get, well, a little pajama-y. Enter the wonderful world of coffee shops!

Coffee shops offer the perfect blend (pun intended) of productivity and social interaction. You get a change of scenery, a caffeine boost, and maybe even a delicious pastry to fuel your brain. But with so many cafes in Pune, where do you even begin?

Here’s the scoop on the top 8 cafes in Pune that cater perfectly to the remote work crowd, across different areas of the city:

1. One O Eight Cafe:[Pingle Farms, Koregaon Park]: This stylish spot boasts ample power outlets, comfortable seating, and a menu that goes beyond just coffee. Think healthy salads, hearty sandwiches, and delectable desserts – perfect for fuelling your workday.

2. Rustle Nest [Baner]: If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable atmosphere, Rustle Nest could be your jam. Packed with outlets, comfy seating, and likely some delicious treats, it offers a perfect blend of focus and relaxation.

3. Third Wave Coffee [Across Pune]: This popular chain is known for its consistently reliable experience. Strong Wi-Fi, spacious tables, and a wide variety of coffee options make it a solid choice for getting things done. My favourite outlet is the one in Balewadi High Street. 

4. FC Social [FC Road]: While “Social” might seem counterintuitive for work, some locations offer dedicated co-working spaces. Check with your local Social to see if they have a designated quiet area with good Wi-Fi for a productive workday.

3. Mauji – The Time Cafe: [Bhosale Nagar] · 10 km Head to Bhosale Nagar for this gem. Mauji offers a unique concept – you pay for your time spent there, not just your coffee. This can be a great motivator to stay focused and get that project finished!

5. Cafe Peter [Across Pune]: This Pune institution has several locations across the city, each with a warm and inviting atmosphere. They offer a strong Wi-Fi connection, delicious coffee (and donuts!), and a good mix of seating options, making it a versatile choice for remote workers. They have outlets across the city and so pick the one closest to you. 

6. Soundtrack Cafe [Pimple Nilakh]: This cafe boasts comfortable seating, ample power outlets, and a menu brimming with delicious breakfast options, comfort food, and refreshing beverages (minus the alcohol). Here, you can tap away on your laptop fuelled by a strong cup of coffee or a cold beverage while enjoying a soundtrack of indie tunes and open mic nights. It’s the perfect spot to focus and get creative with a touch of musical inspiration.

7. Butter Brews Bistro [Koregaon Park, Lane 5]: If you crave a cozy atmosphere with a focus on delicious food, Butter Brews Bistro hits the right note. This cafe offers a unique menu featuring delectable bagel sandwiches, hearty mains, and a delightful selection of drinks, including their famous New York-style cheesecake. The ambiance is peaceful, with fairy lights and friendly service. It’s a great place to unwind, catch up with friends, or enjoy a solo work session with a steaming cup of joe and a plate of something comforting.

8. Godaam Speciality Coffee [Model Colony]: Discovered thanks place thanks to the new book club am a part of. Godaam offers a comfortable and stylish ambiance, perfect for a relaxed conversation or a focused solo session. Their menu complements the coffee experience, featuring a selection of snacks and light bites. They have a road level, upper level with bar style seating and a basement area- with enough seating and plug points. 

So, grab your laptop, pack your favourite notebook, or book and head to one of these cafes! You might just find your new favourite spot to work remotely and enjoy a productive (and delicious) day in Pune. Let me know which your favourite place is to go chill at.

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