I love visiting coffee shops and sometimes working from them as well. Yes, the change in scenario helps bring out the creative juices. Earlier i had done a post on various cafes across Pune that i had visited.

Here are some of the coffee shops I’ve visited and love going back to [for various reasons]

1. Starbucks – primarily when I travel to a new town. It is a good place to park yourself for hours together, sip on a coffee and work/chill -nobody bothers you or asks you for an order. I liked the one in Aeromall, Balewadi , Kalyani nagar & Pavillion mall – been to both once. Usually order the Americano or Nitrobrew if they have it. Also had a sandwich at Kalyani nagar one early morning when we rushed our dog to the Vet around the corner from there.

2. Third wave Coffee – Love the one in Balewadi, somehow it gives me a sense of comfort. I usually pick a table near the window and get lost in a book or work away. Enjoy their Signature Coffee [always ask for more coffee to milk] and a hot [yes ask them to nuke it] cinnamon roll or apple pie. [love both these desserts, yet to find another place that makes em as good]

3. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters -Had gone for an exhibition last evening with a friend and after spending some time there, we decided to go grab a coffee. Since we had spotted a Blue tokai on our way, looked up the distance and walked it down [was hardly 5 mins away]. The one we visited is on  Ghole Road, Shivajinagar. Went up a flight of rustic steps and instantly fell in love with the space – spacious, not noisy or loud music. Ordered the Flat white and a coffee cream Cruffin [it was sinfully good]. Both were good.

4. One o eight lifestyle cafe, Pingle Farms [KP]- The cafe is such a quaint place to chill or catch up with friends. Once again, love their flat white.Have lost track of how many times i’ve been here, and it has been with different groups of people. Have tried their bruschetta, sandwiches, meals, desserts and everything in between. Plus, it is a pet friendly place, you will find a few strays that have made it their home.

5. Apart from these I love the filter kaapi at Kaapi Queen & Madrasi Raja. Rupali was alright..

I like these places over others cos of the ambiance, the coffee, and the staff really know their stuff & are able to guide you. I have tried other kinds of coffee, and even Hot chocolate at plenty of places but these are my favourite [in Pune]
What’s your favourite coffee place?
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