ot into one of those moods.. felt like cooking something fun.. and all i came up with were 2 beetroots that had become spongy… 🙂 Pulled em out, chopped em up, brought out the 2 interesting spices i had bought in blore and voila, a yummy lip smacking dish was ready!!!

What i had:
Beetroot – 2 – chopped them into small pieces [ you can grate em if you are lazy]
Roasted Garlic – 1 tbsp [ or you can use fresh garlic, just chop it up ]
Omlette seasoning – 1 tsp [ yummy, worth the buy- has onion, white pepper, and other herbs in it]
Jeera [cumin seeds] – 1tsp

How to cook:

1. In a pan, add oil, and once it is hot, add the jeera and wait for it to splutter…

2. It is now time to add the chopped beetroot and spices … [ be liberal with garlic if you love it.. i was.. 🙂 ]

3. Sprinkle salt and let it cook for about 10mins till the beetroot becomes nice and tender…

Ta da… it is ready…. I had it with chappati and it was divine… !

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