“Sometimes you pick your friends, sometimes they pick you.” 

What is the definition of family???? someone who is your blood relative? mom, dad, uncles, aunts, grandparents, siblings, extended cousins…. for me friends also are family…. :-))

Why am i writing about this now? well, i’ve come to realise that i care more about my friends than i do about my family … wierd? strange? incorrect? well, thats me!!! Its always been this way and its not cos of a stray incident somewhere that created this….Guess am just made this way… 

If i 

  • Was in a crisis, or tough situation

  • Succeeded or lost in something

  • Got a new client

  • Lost an existing client

  • Money was due and the client was being a pain

  • Generally down in the dumps [ i wouldnt even have to tell/express it]

  • Bot a new phone

  • Got a tattoo

  • Go travelling 

  • Had a drink on my own 

  • Try out a crazy adventure

  • Got another tattoo

  • Did a dare [ that was beyond embarassing…he he]

  • Had a fight with one of the so called “blood relative’

  • Was bored

  • Lost in life…

  • Wanted to bounce off ideas

  • Pissed off and wanted to just get away

  • Just felt like company

  • and so many more that i cant think of now…. 

Everyday i wake up with a silent prayer to the Man up there Thanking him for giving me amazing sweet caring wacko mental crazy looney smart mature insane FRIENDS!!! 🙂

With friends around, who needs worry about life…. was actually looking for a topic to blog about and then had a nice long chat with a dear friend, which is where this post sprung from…. ;o)

Have a lovely sunday!!! 

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