Its here.. Its here…. The New Year has arrived… 2010 is what we’re gonna call it ~!! 

Whoa… Today’s the 3rd day of the new year… [wow, 2days gone by already?!!!jeez]
And here i am on my 291st post… !!  

The year began quietly.. But must say it looks promising. As always, i have no clues where it is headed, what is in store for me, but am not too worried!! Guess am kinda happy going with the flow, trying my hand at new things, experimenting, taking a bit of risk as long as am enjoying whatever am doing…

Some things i hope to do –

A chandelier in the Blore palace[taken on N95 8GB phone camera]

1. Get more aggressive @ Work 
2. Figure out what i wanna do with regards to higher studies… [been on my mind forever, yet to kick and get it going]
3. Travel more -definitely… no doubts!! [been bit by the travel bug mighty hard..just love it~!! ]
4. Learn a word a day – yep, plan to expand my vocabulary…!! 🙂 
5. Hone my writing and photography skills some more… 

On personal front – 
6. Take care of my health – touch wood, nothing is wrong, plan to keep it that way… 
7. Control my emotions some more…[ am pretty much in control of my feelings, but heck, there are times when i dont like what i become…] 

A lone hibiscus …. @home!!

Worry less
have more fun…!!
Thats my motto for this year..!! 🙂

Have a fab year ahead all… !! 
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