I go through these phases… Am sure all of you also do!!  There are days when i do nothing but work, and then those when fun plays a bit part of my day… The latter is what i enjoy, cos it gives me a sense of calm at the end of it all… The past couple of weeks have been such – maybe cos workload isnt that much or i’ve just made a subconscious choice to include plenty of fun during my busy daily routines – outing with friends, just chilling out at home with an interesting book, grooving to music on my iTouch , watching a movie or jus about anything that i am upto !!

Books have been a part of my life for as long as i can remember.. Even when we were living in Tirunelveli, i used to pick up books from chennai, people who visited us brought me books – Enid blyton, Mystery of five find outers, Naughtiest girl in school, Archie comics, Chanda mama, Sense &Sensibility and what not!!  .. This awesome habit has stuck with me, infact mom keeps saying- its because of this reading[err, reading in the dark, with improper light] that you wear glasses.. Heck, it doesnt matter~!! 🙂 Infact its thanks to family that i got into music as well – specifically english music….

Couple of weeks,or a month ago, Apar gave me a whole load of books.. What joy i felt cant be expressed in words.. A colleague was leaving the city, and left behind all his books for grabs!  Amazing right?!! There were plenty by 2 of our favorite authors – Lee Child &  James Patterson. [here’s a whole list of James Patterson’s books]

Was introduced to James Patterson last Jan, during the ride to Pondy with friends! Murder mystery, cop, thriller kinda writer who has me going till i finish the last word on the last page.. Infact same holds for Lee Child, who was introduced to me by another friend… 🙂

Here is a collage of all the books by these authors that i have read till date…. !! each of them are fabulous, atleast i enjoyed them thoroughly… !! 🙂

Another author I’ve been reading a lot is Jodi Picoult… Every visit to the library, will have me clutching a book by this amazing author!! Waiting to watch My Sister’s keeper movie to see if its just as the book or altered… But most of her books are about kids, parents, and health related issues… !!

and before you ask…. Yes, i’ve read ’em all …. hahaha~!! Reading some more, but that shall come in another post…!! 
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