Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now

I feel good, I knew that I would, now
So good, so good, I got you

Whoa! I feel nice, like sugar and spice
I feel nice, like sugar and spice
So nice, so nice, I got you…

This is the song thats been playing on my head the past couple of days !! in case you dint know, its – I feel good by James Brown
Actually, ever since 24th Dec i should say!!

Am also on a high …
no no, no taking no drugs,and no am not drunk,
tsk tsk how could you think that!! 😀

For some, its to do with work – getting a promotion,or salary hike or getting recognised by their boss
No chance of that – cos i work for myself,no boss, no appraisals!!

For others,it could be if someone special visited or they were to get married/found a partner/etcetc
Hmmm… well, for me kinda sorta, in a way,but not really.. no no, not getting married or anything!!pah!!

For me… it was all to do with getting a new GIZMO!! Yep, you read it right…
My uncle sent me an iTouch 32Gb … yayyy… and ever since i got the baby in my hand.. i feel good..na na na na na… [did i mention – this also has speakers…:D]

Loaded it with songs…
Put in some of my fav pictures…
Installed some cool games….
Even managed to download Skype, FB, Twitter,and Fring on it.. woohooo~!!

I earlier had an iPod mini, but that died on me recently and since then had been wanting to get an iPod Nano or a iTouch..

Had mailed my cousin asking which is good, he the smartypants sweetheart fwded the mail to my uncle and voila, aarti got this swanky cool amazing iTouch!! 😀

Apart from this, last week when i went to buy color ink for printer, i also brought home a simple Zebronics webcam … 😀 [my lappy doesnt have one, and we’ve been wanting one so we can video chat with my uncle and cousin in USA…] … 😀

See, am a simple girl with simple desire!!! 😉

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