Life gave me lemonade and I can’t imagine why
Born on a sunny day, beneath a tangerine sky
I live life without pretending….

is a song i love listening to…its by Chris Rice…. 

So, today evening as i was listening and singing along, i remembered the saying “when life gives you lemons….” and got thinking about people, and how they react to situations and how different our perceptions are to the same situation…. 

When a problem/ obstacle/ challenge arises, i find people take various paths & that speaks volumes about them as a person….!! 

1. Shooters

These are the people who want to take the bull  by the horn, and face the issues direct, with no beating around the bush…  they are so ready for problems,that they thrive on walking on fire, and perpetually battling demons… The minute they hear of a trouble, their mind kicks into action, and before you can spell LEMONADE, they’d have come up with alternatives, or methods to work through the chaos … They mite not come up with an instant solution, but they know they can!!! Sometimes, they get carried away that they yearn for appreciation, and accolades…. 


Hmmm, well, like the tortoise in the Tortoise and hare story, these people wait, think about it  and then act smart.. They are in no hurry,  but heck, they are part of the rat race, except they arent aiming to race ahead and fall off the cliff in a rush… They mull over the issue, chew the cud a bit, and then churn it in their head for a while.. Thinkers – they can be found drawing various possibilities until they hit upon what they think will work for the circumstance… Slow and steady, you can be sure they will come out with a best possible solutions!! 

3.Bakers –

There are always the set of people who sit and wait for someone else to come up with an answer.. NO, they arent dumb!! Just that they have either been beaten down too many times, or just not the initiative taking, hyper, enthusiastic group of souls.. They would rather just chill, while they know the Tortoises or bang on’s will rise to the situation, beating them to it !! They let the problem sit in their heads, like a loaf of bread baking in the oven, that needs to take its time to cook… So, if rushed, they will panic or freak out and fumble… !! They are slow, but not really the smartest cookie in the jar… The cookies that get left behind cos no one wanted em, till others have no choice is where they belong…!! 🙂

4. Ice Creams –

Just like how ice creams sit in the freezer,unless someone decides “I want an ice cream now” … this category of people will just sit tight, not doing anything…  they’ve pretty much settled for what they’ve got in life, not being too gungho about anything… Sitting there, probably just counting sheep, they wait for the next hand to reach out to them…Again, since there are so many flavors to choose from, who knows when that lone “Black current sundae” will get its turn.. Maybe when the freezer is nearly empty,with just a few others left…  They are scared, keep hoping their luck will change,but unsure of when that will happen…. Wish more people liked Black current flavor..i sure love it , for then they would realise how amazing the flavor is and what they were missing out on !!!  🙂

Made any sense???? 

Ok, now take a minute and leave a comment on what is the 1st thing that pops in your head when you hear the phrase — 

“When life gives you lemons ……………………………. “… [Shall leave mine too in the comment.. but dont cheat, dont copy!!! ;o)]

[Here is a pic i found on the net.. absolutely LOVE it…]

Disclaimer: Am not judging anyone, generally voicing my observations and thoughts!!  So, if you find yourself nodding your head while reading this..                    …… go check your head!! 😉

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