Yes, i know its been a while since i lurked about, no excuses, just that i was busy with that 4letter word that has us all in the maze… LIFE!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Its been ages since i sat and thought about life and where it was taking me… Most of the time, am quite happy going with the flow, and just taking it a day at a time… Sat down last night, found a pie chart, spent some time mulling over all that mattered to me in life and created this! A 1st time approach! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Well, i still believe in that, but i want to get a bit more focussed in the days to come and that is why i thought its about time i created a plan of action and set about achieving it.. if not all, then as much as possible!! no use saying Nothing is happening when i dont put in required effort… !!

Quite happy with the way my mind, body and soul are working… Complete sync with each other, when i mentioned this to a friend, she said “you are maturing sweetheart, in control of yourself, am proud of you”…!! 

And couple of days back when i was in Blore, spending time with Lakshmi…. i managed to get quite a bit of clarity as well … being able to speak your mind, share your thoughts- no matter how raw they are and having someone give you sensible answers, or responses or share their experiences sure sets the perspective in place!! i guess it is true, with time one does mature and their thinking process also changes… 

When am talking to another friend, who’s going through a rough patch, i see a different side of me come to surface… i see one that has been through life, embraced the angels and dealt with the demons reach out and yearn to help her… Makes me realise that yes, i have come quite a way in life and have accepted each of the pats and wacks, taken some lessons from each of them and tried to incorporate it into my life…

The process has been tough, the path has been quite rugged, or maybe i took the less travelled path that was a bit bumpy, but heck, it’s been one hellova ride!! Looking fwd to more!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, Here’s to me and 2010..!! lets see how far i get…. !! Wish me luck!! 
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