You’re it… Cmon do it” the tag called out… So here i am… Taking the tag from Gils and G3 ‘s blogs…  🙂 [incidently, they are 2 new friends i’ve made this year]

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away…. [How true :-)]

Q1:Are you better than where you were when the year started?
A:  Yep.. am pretty sure i am!! [anyways, that remains my answer…bah!]

Q2:Did you get a notch up on the ladder of wisdom?
A: Wisdom? not read that book in years… lolz..

okok…. hmm, i would like to think i have… but people around me need to say it… 🙂

Q3:Did you laugh more till you cried or cried more till you laughed?
A: Ok, now i need to try crying till i end up laughing… its usually the other way around.. Did that most recently at 3idiots movie…!!

Q4:Did you meet new people?
A: Yepp, Yepp, i sure did… Dont know if they were new, but i hadnt met them before… 😀

Q5:Did your friend list swell a little?
A: Yup.. in all directions… ;o) [also took some off the list]

Q6:Did you have to let go of people?
A: Luckily, very few…

Q7:Did that hurt you a lot?
A: Would have in the past..but now- Nope!!

Q8:Did you have to put up a false smile and bear things with a grudge?
A: Nope, been there done that, not anymore!! 🙂

Q9:Did you have to act happy when you hurt inside?
A: Sometimes.. [accepted it as part of life…]

Q10:Did you achieve something great this year?
A:  I would like to think i did… Explored new arena @ work… Travelled alone to Goa…

Q11:Do you regret anything you did this year?
A:  Oh well, everything is an experience if you ask me!! so,nope,no regrets!

Q:Did you fall in and out of love, necessarily not in that order? :p
A:  Ejcuse me, would you mind explaining the question??? tsk tsk… 

Ans is – Nope….  dint fall outta anything..!! 😛

Q12:Did you grow?
A: How dare you ask that question??? dont you see a “Do not get personal” label on my forehead????hmfph… ;o)

Q13:Was this one of your best years?
A: It has been one of the most amazing years …

Q14:Did you learn something new?
A: Oh yes.. Learnt quite a bit – about life, about people, about work, about me, and about various new areas that remain untouched…

Q15:What was the most memorable in this year?
A: Has to be the Bombay/pune Vipassana [reminds me am yet to write about the course and my experience,  Hoysala and Coorg trips…

Q16:Would have done anything differently this year if given a chance?
A:  Never been one to dwell on what has happened… no regrets, learnt some lessons in life… will take them along for the days to come!!

Q17:Did you travel a lot this year?
A: Crazy amounts of never before and hoping this year is even crazier

Q18:Will you mark this year as one filled with fond memories or bitter ones?
A: Ummm..mix of both i would have to say..

Not gonna tag no one.. But if you feel like it, go ahead~!!! 

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