Towering high
majestic and grand
decked in bright red
with rings of light on your neck
you came waltzing towards me

fear, excitment and a rush
ripping through me in all directions
knew not what was in store
heart beating faster
hands itching to click

not one, or two, but
quite a handful
big steps, looming large
closing the distance,
i saw the gentleness in you

words of awe and admiration
gasps, and claps

frenzy of emotions
engulfing me from around 

drawing me into your act

all the way across the world
a small country i know is your home
larger than life ideas, thoughts
never seen before
overwhelming us all

parading as if you owned the space
dancing to the beats
twirling and swirling
flirting and romancing
you had us all spell bound
while, time flew by quietly

The Giraffes ruled the evening!!!

Just felt like writing these few words after witnessing an interesting act today evening as part of the Chennai sangamam – a cultural fest over a week, coming to an end tomorow… This was from Bonjour India~!! 

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