As the day wore on, my cousin, Lakshmi suggested we go to Hebbal lake post the meeting.. Always game for a bit of exploring and photography, i umped at the suggestion, we packed our gear and as we were to leave home, the client called saying his daughter was unwell and he had to take her to the doctor… What this meant was more time to spend at the lake and we could leave earlier… 🙂

Knapsack- check

Cameras-my cybershot and her DSLR-check
Some cash-check
Our mobiles and housekey and we were off by 4.30… -checkcheck

Paid entrance fee and walked into the park, spotted a few birds on the ground — the love birds..couples hidden behind bushes and a coracle left alone…
Our feet took us towards the water and there we spotted a few guys fishing.. one guy would reel the fish in dropping it onto the ground where another guy sat cleaning it up… A few yards away, we spotted 2-3 Brahminy kites, and in a few seconds they were in air, circling right above these guys and in a flash swooped down grabbed a fish and off it went into the sky.. Wow moment…!! 
Pulling out the binocs, we spotted a few Grey heron, Pond heron and a pretty looking Purple Swamphen. 
Why not go to the other side we thought and began exploring the park some more.. It was my 1st visit, and i found it calm n quiet …. Took shots of a few intersting flowers, the setting sun, the buildings beyond the lake and as we were beginning to settle in, a deep shrill whistle came floating in the air..It was time to leave….. 
As we rode back home in the auto, the sun was beginning to set, and we could see the lovely colours against the city scapes… Short yet sweet was what the visit was….!! 🙂
Could stare at them for hours as they went home… together!!! in sync.. what a sight…
Trivia from wiki: Hebbal Lake is located in the north of Bangalore at the mouth of National Highway 7, along the junction of Bellary Road and the Outer Ring Road (ORR). It was one of the three lakes created in 1537 by Kempe Gowda.
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