Looks like its a day of mishaps…something that hasnt happened to me in …ummm errrr long long time… and i just know it, can feel it… all the peepals who cant cook or cant taste my yummy cooking putting the jinxy on me!!!hmfph… ๐Ÿ˜€
Incident Numero Uno…
Post lunch, was half way through cleaning up the leftover n all that, when i decided to make lunch for my shweetheart Floppy [ dont you dare ask me who that is… read my profile if that question slipped outta ur mouth already!!].. Senor eats a bowl of boiled macaroni for lunch – yes, you read it right… he isnt particular about the brand[ phew, imagine if he insisted on Bertolli or one of those fancy schpancy brands… i would be running negative bank balance today].. anyways.. so me or my uncle boil a bowl in the microwave[ there is an excl grey bowl that is used-it is called the “Royal highness lunch cooking bowl” and none dare touch it, plus it is microwave prooof]… 
Here’s how it is don[ pay attn while reading,will be quizzed later… ]
Step 1.Put in half packet of macaroni, 
Step 2: Add enough water, 
Step 3: Place inside microwave and 
Step 5: leave it to cook , takes about 4mins..  
Today, yours truly started this while in the process of cleaning up and with full josh,  got about prepping His lunch… 
Step 1: Poured out macaroni into the grey bowl and 
then …. and then…. 
Step 2: opened microwave, placed it inside, 
Step 3: keyedin 4mins and walked off to her room…  
Got it???? see what i did????  Few mins later, gramma squealed from the kitchen saying “Something is smoking”…
I ran…  helter skelter through the house to the other end where the kitchen is… as my brain kicked into action, making me realise what i HADNT done!! [ if you havent guessed till now, i forgot water ]
All emotions i went thru….. [pic- media.picfor.me]
Picked out oven gloves, opened microwave door cautiously [like as if something was come jumping out screaming at me] and then saw more smoke… a grey bowl that looked like it was done for..and macaroni cooked alright.. sizzling, black and charred beyond recognition..[ it was probably having an identity crisis there] … Jeez…. do i cry or laugh??? Was praying the microwave worked, and hadnt done irreparable damage to it…. Slowly,pulledout the ‘Sniff, sniff, sob sob” mutilated bowl, ran to the backyard, chucked it in the bin… and got about cleaning the microwave n making fresh batch of lunch on the stove…. Phew, such a relief when i saw Floppy lap it up inspite of it being served not from his Grey bowl…!!
Incident Numero Dos
Fast fwd to 7.30pm, time to make dinner…  Decided to make a kinda veg pulao, as it was easy, filling and would be a one meal dish…. 
Gramma got about washing the rice, putting the Rice cooker on, etc etc…. 
And i pulled out veggies- carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes…the chopping board and knife… Few mins later, i was running my thumb under the running water… hahaha…. Sliced a wee bit of my thumb thinking it was part of the ripe tomato… few mins under water, and then a dab of sugar, bleeding all over a kitchen tissue and i was done…. enough blood donated my body decided… 
but you must appreciate my perseverance… I chopped the veggies single handedly.. how about that!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 
As they say… i put my sweat and blood into the dish… [pun unintended] ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hope there are no more incidents for the day…. few hours to go….  btw, How was your sunday???? Mine was totally quiet.. home bound… Watched Kurbaan [review coming in a while], went for a nice walk, played with Floppy, and now writing this post[ while 2 others sit in draft, am sure they are hopping mad for being ignored…time to cajole em ;)]
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