S.RAMACHANDRAN, S/o G.S. Sreenivasa Iyer passed away on 7 Feb 2010. Mourned by Wife Gowri and Sons Rajesh and Shankar and Daughters-in-Law. Ph: 28342206, Cell: 9841029206. 
is all that remains…. a tiny obituary in today’s papers…. Gone!! just like that…. Granpa’s last bro, a few years older than my mom and few others…. sigh… !! A relief that he was done suffering [ had been through way too much, the past 6yrs, but Granpa couldnt stop crying saying ” i brought him up, he is a kid.. how can he go away like this?]
And last evening was the 1st time i broke the news of a death to someone…. Had to call  my uncle in the USA n tell him …. we spoke a few mins about their growing up yrs, how close this uncle[who passed away] was with my granparents[they were like his parents] and all the fond memories… and then there was a bit of awkward silence n i said Bye…. !! Sigh…. 🙁
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