Last Saturday was the much awaited Wow! The Extra Terrestrials show in Chennai…  Had booked tickets directly with Mr Hariharan of the event management company- Showspace Solutions
[Pic from website]

Date- 6th Feb, Saturday
Reached the Venue: Music Academy 
Checked the Time: 5.45pm
Where were our tickets? – With Mr Hari [ who was in a meeting with a client]

[Pic from website]
Once the other 5 eager souls  had arrived, i got a bit frantic and called Hari again, but no response.. We waited… waited… patiently waited… After a few mins, my phone rang and i went on a mini goose chase, rather ticket chase with Hari- trying to locate his car.. looking for my wallet, pulling out cash, etc etc…. Victoriously returned to teh troops, and hauled them upstairs to the gate… Now, here comes the drama…. 

                                                Not bad for a shot taken from far far away..

The volunteer guys who were chking tickets, pulled out mine from the envelope and began punching them in… one punch, two punch…. stop.. pause… – “Ma’am, these are for 8.30pm show and not 6pm”, he said…. 
A mini act by 3 women…. not v clear as we sat far and not enough lighting

Jeez [ what the heck… what now…. looking from one soul to the other, looking at mom.. and then called Hari, who was apologetic but said he unfortunately couldnt do anything as the shows were running houseful]… eeeks…. mom, Srivats and G3 were ok to stay back, kill 2hrs and come back, but Apar was  clear – I cant , i’ll get going, A jr will sleep off..will get late..and she had come by Bike…. few mins passed and suddenly the volunteer guy called us and said – there are some seats vacant behind, just go and sit… 😀 

We rushed in, gleefully found 6empty seats right at the back and got comfortable… were happy we got to see the show…. 🙂
The show began on the dot.. and it was truly WOW.. Acrobats.. gymnastics… circus acts.. call it whatever you wanna, but the 8 performers were WOW, amazing talent…. [Took some videos, will upload em on youtube and share the link soon]

Vishesh’s take

Review in The Hindu

Following the show, we went and had a yummy dinner at Palki Restaurant inside Amaravathy campus, across the road….  Thanks for a great time guys!! 🙂

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