Was tagged by Rakesh longgggggg back, and finally got the nudge i needed and doing it… 🙂
Drumroll please……..

 8 TV shows I like to watch:
1.  HOUSE MD [Addicted to it, thanks to Mr hugh laurie, these days i wait for the show to be aired in USA, watch it online  and reruns on AXN as well]
2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S [whenever i end up watching TV over the weekend]
3. Two and a half men [seen Season 1 – 4 thanks to my cousin, on my hard drive, but love watching them over & over and the reruns telecasted on TV]
4. Jamie at home [A fun cooking show on Discovery Travel & Living]
5.  The Amazing Race [AXN]
6.  Music – English /Hindi /international
7. Seinfeld [have it all on CD’s and watch when I get really bored]
8. I actually don’t watch much TV these days

8 favourite places to eat (and drink)
Am not a foodie, nor a fish, but here are some places i like going to
1. Home [kitchen]
2. MASH, Besant Nagar, Chennai -just for the ambience
3. Fresco, Bangalore – bestest pasta ever
4. Street food across the country – Vada Pav, Momos…
5. Maddur Tiffanys, Mysore – Madur vada
6. Ajnabee in Fountain plaza, Chennai – chaat
7. Koshys, Blore- Spanish omelette
8.  Friends’ homes – diff cuisines, diff favourites

8 things I look forward to
1.  The days to come.. [in Blore]
2.  Travelling to some new places around Blore
3.  Learning to drive again
4.  Catching up with long lost friends
5. Spending time with my friend’s son [he’s a little over a year old]…
6.  Finish reading all the books i have stacked up @home
7. Carrying my camera around and clicking more shots
8.  Enjoying a show/concert/play/workshop/international film once a month

8 things that happened yesterday
1.  Woke up at 4am [train was at 6am]
2.  Travelled by Shatabdi [twice in 2months] to Blore
3. Played with Floppy for a few precious minutes before hopping into the cab
4. Bird watching while on the train – good fun… J
5. Dint read a book during the journey, dint even open it
6. Tweeted through my phone while on the move
7. Watched a Tamil remake – No Entry. Salman Khan was a riot
8. Wrote a story in less than an hour J

8 things I love about winter
We don’t really have winters in Chennai but it does get cool Dec –Feb.. Here is what i like about winter in Chennai and other places i’ve been to…

1.  Going out for long walks
2.  Having a hot cup of coffee and snuggling up with a book
3.  Being able to wear any fabric and not worry about sweating [ref to Chennai Summers]
4.  Taking pictures of morning mist
5.  Playing in Snow [have done this all of once, only once in Rhoutang Pass, during a college trip.. will it ever snow in Chennai??? L]
6.  Not having to be crushed by sweaty souls [Chennai summers can do that you know.. walking on the street or inside a mall.. sweat and BO follows you around]
7. Waiting for the sun to rise while waiting with a camera on the beach
8.  Going on long drives with windows down.

8 things on my wishlist
1.  Travelling all over India – either alone or with friends
2.  Driving [ literally, not driving people over the wall..that i anyways do..] J
3.  Getting a place of my own
4.  Travelling abroad – Bali /Greece/Egypt/Turkey/Cambodia/SL/USA/Aus/UK….
5.  Bungee jumping
6.  Keeping in touch with friends [touch wood, have managed it so far]
7.  Figuring out what I want out of life…[the million dollar question]!!
8.  Continuing to live life my way J

8 things I am passionate about
1.  Travelling
2.  Writing  [fun & work]
3. Travel writing [ want to learn and get going in this]
4.  Dogs
5.  Helping others
6.  Being myself
7.  Love
8.  Butterflies

8 words or phrases I use often
1.  Hmmmm
2.  Oks doks smoks
3.  Chill[ax]
4.  Awesome
5.  Howdy doody
6.  For what joy?!
7.  So?
8.  At the end of the day…

8 things I learnt from the past
1.  Friends are very important to me and I rely on them more than my family
2.  Money isn’t everything.  There are some who are amazed that i am so happy with what i make [well, i never really chased the Vitamin M, and have always been happy with what i got]
3.  Never try to please those around you- you cant and there is no point trying…
4.  It is always easy to give advice… Only if you live in that person’s shoes will you know what they are going through.
5.  Take risks, it is part of the learning you get in the journey called LIFE.
6.  Some are lucky, and some aren’t. That’s how it is.. [Stop being jealous of me ‘cos am lucky. He he…]
7.  Travel light, but bring back stories worth a lifetime
8.  Always remember, everyday is a NEW DAY!!! J

8 places I would love to go visit or see
1.  Greece [for its beautiful white and green buildings]
2. Egypt
3.  Every nook and corner in India
4. Coorg [with same bunch of wackos i travelled last time with]
5.  The Big 5 in Africa [absolutely]
6. The Grand canyon [cos the postcard my uncle sent of it helped earn few extra marks]
7.  Goa [Wanna go again….J]
8.  Angkor Wat, Cambodia [Dying to go there]

8 things I currently need or want
Don’t really need/want anything, but what the heck!!!
1.  More work
2.  More hours in a day
3.  To travel
4.  To read every book in this planet
5.  A home of my own
6.  Some love
7.  Give al doggies a home and some love…

8.  To keep smiling.. 🙂

And I need to tag 8 people… 

Following in Rakesh’s shoes, the 1st 8 to comment shall be tagged and anyone else who wishes to take it up, feel free.. 🙂
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