A coffee pub that wowed me… 
A place that has beautiful ambience
Funky seating arrangements- some of them quite innovative and Interesting
A name that was hard to pronounce, inspite of asking a waitress… 
Am talking about the new Coffee shop in Bangalore –Matteo Coffea
Situated in Church Street, off Brigade Road, the coffee shop has a rich brown colour, plenty of outdoor and indoor seating space.
Met @winniethepoohi outside Magazines store and we walked towards the Cafe, walked in, spotted a seat in the corner- a purple sofa and two comfy chairs.. Settled in, and began exchanging info about each other..Oh, forgot to mention,we were meeting the 1st time.. Dint even know her real name till half hour before meeting!!   
A chinko waiter came to take our order [now, why do all coffee places employ chinkos???] and only he could understand what he was saying…  Told him to give us a few minutes before coming back asking for our order!!
Started talking, and hopped skipped jumped topics and kept at it till finally the waiter came back interrupting our fun conversation.. 
Anyways, we ordered a Hot chocolate and Cold coffee something [forgot the name, it looked like a tall glass of cold coffee with cream] and a Paneer wrap…  My hot chocolate was absolutely delicous, rich and creamy. The wrap was filling and subtle spices.herbs, and very filling.. Had paneer, capsicum, onion and tomato wrapped in something like a frankie wrap or roti, served with coleslaw on the side!!
They have quite an extensive coffee menu- hot, cold and something called Shakeroos, and Iced Tea as well. Apart from this, plenty of eats to choose from- French  fries,sandwiches, bites, wraps- veg & non veg!!
[Pic: Burrp]
In an hour or so, we were ready for another round of Coffee, and this time when we asked about Coffee of the day- we grinned hearing Filter Coffee.. Ordered one grande and a tall one, with milk on the side.. It was hot, divine and totally worth it.. 
Time wore on, and there was not a moment silence between us, nor were there awkward pauses. We realised we had way too many things in common and hit it off on so many levels..!! Amazing to think i’d come across her just a  few days ago…   
We spoke in length about our blogs, writing, the various writing clubs that we were part of and good/bad things that happened out there. 🙂 Mind blowing discussions…. 

As our conversation flowed, we grooved to the music playing [every single track had us humming the tune and smiling ].. Went to a point, i couldnt resist, and asked the waiter about the CD, for which he brought along not the list,but the manager..:)
Alas, the clock stuck 8, and she had to go somewhere, on the other end of town, so with heavy heart, we settled the bill [thanks girl for the treat].. and saw the Manager once again.. He enquired about where we were from and promised to make us a copy of the music playing!!! Till we go again… Enjoy your cuppa!!
Ambience *****

Choice of drinks and eats -****
Service – ***** [absolutely prompt and polite]

Crowd -**** [wasn’t very crowded , and the place is so spacious that it can never get crammed]
Price – **  [bit expensive, but worth it considering you are getting a comfy wonderful experience]
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