Its been over a week since i landed in Blore, but this trip i know has been different from my earlier ones. Last evening as i was chatting with a friend,who i met after ages, i realised the experience we carry about a town is not just about its climate, culture and cause. It is largely to do with PEOPLE,and am not just referring to the random stranger walking on the street, or the hoity toity Manager you meet at the client place..It is to do with people you know, you connect with and you are close to… There are days when i just chill out on my own, or catch a movie, or sit browsing in a book store, but off late its changed.. Am either spending time with friends, or meeting new ones!!

Since the day i landed, not a minute has been free, rather not a minute has gone to waste… There was something or the other happening, keeping me in HIGH spirits and making me look forward to the next day..  And it dint matter what i was doing, as long as it was with someone called FRIEND.. There were times when we did nothing, but just go about our work, sharing nothing more than the room and the wi-fi connection, other times it was sipping a cuppa coffee humming to the music playing in the background; and sometimes it was walking up and down the park clicking pictures, sharing a moment of “wow, its beautiful” amidst the silence that surrounded us…

Yes, everyday religiously i was at the client ‘s office, working away, chatting, catching up on other projects, being part of meetings/discussions, etc etc, but post work it was shopping for a friend, going to a movie, just driving around aimlessly, house hunting, meeting new landlord, paying bills, or cracking up over a  movie…

A smile sneaks into my face as i relive those moments, every coffee we sipped, signals we made fun of, friends we met, interesting characters we encountered and best of all the little white lies shared… What fun~!!

Met a couple of Twitter/Blog friends for the 1st time…
Explored a new coffee shop
Made a visit to the India’s largest Mall- Mantri Square, ploughing through a trillion people who had made the streets their HOME and wouldnt budge!!! 🙂
Spent a lot of time with a dear wacko friend 🙂

Maybe its cos of all this , but whenever i hear someone rave about Bangalore/other city, all i have to reply is – Its not the town, but the people that make the difference… Agreed, the events or what the city has to offer makes an impact, but thats not all, its not enough… I’ve been burning it in Blore Heat , and yet it hasnt affected me too much…There are days when am out in the blazing sun, roaming the streets,walking up and down completely unaware of the Sun… A day when we had breakfast, and just multiple cups of coffee and chai till dinner bells rang…

Amazing what a difference it makes when you have good friends around.. There are more who i’ve been interacting with – some for few weeks/months others over years…. when will i meet em!! 🙂

Ok, think am gonna stop my FRIENDS series with this.. could go on and on… but you get the picture, dont you!!?? [if you dont, then go out there and earn some friends.. ;)]

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