March 20th seemed to have come faster than i thought. Was in Blore when i got the news of the Univercell Chennai Indiblogger meet, decided i shall attend it, and thereon registered, bla bla… And then life went on as usual… 
And finally, the D Day came, what a morning it had been- was so crazy busy, just on a rampage to finish errands and work before 2pm.. only focus!! 
As i reached the venue- GRT Convention center, silence was all i heard outside the hall, but the minute i opened the doors, ta da… welcome to the Blogworld it seemed to scream..

Once again, had to register [discovered i was among last few..pffut..sheepish grin].. found some seats in the front [thanks to indiblogger team] and got set for the evening to take off… 

A Time to Meet and a Time to Greet
What began as 30secs of fame became 5mins for some,while others took less than 2secs… Amidst a flurry of tweets and bloggies sharing their thoughts, came to know there was so many interesting bloggers out there .. A HR , A content writer had my radar perking up, paying attention!! 
There wasnt any fixed agenda, and so post the introductions, there was a mini networking session… we were each given a chart paper to wear on our backs, walk around, collect comments, urls and info about others we meet/greet… i called this the “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” 🙂 It was a good opportunity for us to meet other bloggers, and connect with those who intrigued us… 
I err, umm had quite a few complimenting me on my tattoo, and giving memore of the “Oh, my god, wasnt   it painful? why would you wanna do that to yourself? and the infamous -Is it Real? ” Aaargghhh!! 
Thoughts run haywire
Then came the discussion on New media… which was quite interesting, except that at some point it became more of a one on one debate.. hunger pangs started hitting a few, and we could see tweets flowing free.
The minute the session ended., all we saw were hungry souls rushing towards the buffet… and Coffee/tea tables!! 🙂
Phones and bait
Ramesh from Univercell took the mike to brief us on their motive behind hosting the Indibloggere event and thanks to them, we got to fidgit with some cool new phones.. An interesting offer awaited gizmo junkies as well… Write reviews, and win the post of becoming Univercell’s blogger!! 🙂 
Time wore on… and it was nearly 6.30 when like kids waiting for the school bell, we heard the announcement – OK, pls go grab your Tshirts from the Registration desk …. poof…instant vanish from the seats…Hahaha… what fun it was….
The evening was good fun ………
  • Meeting new and familiar faces — Rumjhum, @preethikag @narayananh @Soumya Ray @itosuckysucky  @SoravJain and sooo many others…………… 
  • Discovering the varied topics blogged about… 
  • Interacting with some cool bloggers
  • Spending a few mins talking about phones [with Ramesh from Univercell ]
  • Receiving a surprise greet from @shilparathnam from way behind [ and it was the 1st time i was meeting her.. he he]
  • Having my Tattoo photographed… commented on…complimented…[works as a good conversation opener as well]  ;-))
New kind fun experience, enjoyed more than i thought i would ….

Looking fwd to next meet..!!Beautifully organised… way to go Indiblogger team!!

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