Started this post on 2nd March 2009, and then it got lost in drafts… Anyways, decided to get going and share the incident that i remember vividly today, 12yrs later!!
It was sometime during Feb ’98, i was in my final year of B Com at M O P Vaishnav college for women, and the day began with a notice from the principal. The Circular said we all need to either pay an additional 2k with our fees or figure out another way to contribute atleast 1 lakh per department towards the college Auditorium fund.
[brrr…brr…. rewinding..] Let me give you a brief on my college– when i joined in ’95, it wasnt very popular, infact most people dint even know where it was…was a nightmare giving directions to friends and autowalas…. go near the CA institute on N H Road, turn left near the tree at the corner of the street.. there was no Ispahani center back then!! 🙂
And our college had only an Open air theater at the back, where we held all shows, and when it rained, gosh, don’t even wanna remember those days…traumatic! rushing into the main building, people screaming, wet and yuck….
So, the 3 stooges and few more from my class approached the principal saying we want an Indoor auditorium, which is when she sent out the circular…
At that time, it was a college that had girls from across income strata, some from the lower levels as well. and so when we heard the circular, me and 2 other friends got talking and then we discussed it with our classmates. We knew not many will be able to cough up the extra 2k, and so why not do something to raise funds? Like have a show or something similar?
The 1st reaction from Principal was – No, this is not possible!! Light music -gah, you can’t make it happen…  nobody will come!
We were upset, but dint relent.. I still remember- 5 of us went and sat in the OAT, pulled out a few sheets of paper and started writing everything that came to our mind…
Tickets etc etc….
With a plan that sounded halfway sensible, we went back to the Principal and this time managed to shut her up!! So did our HOD!!
Thus began the chaos called FUND RAISING!! .we [the 3 of us] ran across town, looking for sponsors, fnding an angel in Shakti Soya.. they had recently done a program at our college and so happily came forward to help us. Oh, and it probably helped that one of the 2stooges had won the big prize of a Scooty in the contest Shakti soya held at college 🙂

The date was fixed for Mar 2nd, Monday, for no reason but that face that Kamaraj Hall was available only on that day!! Yes, that is the hall we ended up booking [only one that kinda sorta squeezed into our budget, hall rental was Rs15000/-]

For music, we finalised on Lakshman Sruti– went to their home, met them, spoke to them, convinced them, and they were sweet enuf to say ” we come for free,dont have to pay us”…
It was already nearing mid week Feb and we had soo much to do…   here’s a list of activities that the 3 stooges went through… sheesh, looking back now, what idiots we were!!
1. Got tickets printed with just basic details
2. Sat and wrote seat numbers on all of them [ we spent hours going through Kamaraj hall.. physically.. no jokes]
3. Roped in others from our department to help sell the tickets and brought out a contest saying the winner of max tickets wins a prize
4. Convinced dad’s of 2 girls in our dept [ they were owners of jewellery stores] to sponsor a gift and one more to give a momento for the Chief guest…
5. We were at the hall making sure everything was set, gifts, stage, music, lights, etc etc till about 5pm on 2nd March…!! Had not more than few minutes to head home, change into sarees and return to the Hall [ as the audience began pouring in]
 6.. err, true to our fear… last minute, the celeb chief guest dint turn up.. and another classmate knew a star, not so famous, but one who obliged and actually came over within half hour… 🙂
The show was a rocking  success.. went on for about 2hrs… everyone enjoyed it… the hall was FULL…we had sold out 1400 odd tickets[remaining were used up by students and sponsors]…
Only thing we had missed out in all this frenzy was to organise a photographer… 🙁 Sigh.. we dont have any pictures or videos to remind us of the night!!
At the end of the show, our principal came on stage, called the 3stooges and praised us in front of the world and sundry!! [how awesome the moment was…. we were beyond proud of ourselves…our parents were so proud and dint stop raving about our achievement…] and yes, we gave prizes to 2 gals who had sold max no. of tickets!! 😀
And… guess how much we raised???? 4.75 – 5 Lakhs…. Much to the amazement of everyone on the College board and teachers and other departments!!
This day will always be special… Every year on march 2nd remember this incident and feel proud of what we achieved… Every time I visit the college, I make it a point to go to the auditorium and say hello.. 🙂
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