“Someday I will be a beauwtiful butterfly and then everything will be better.” -Bugs life… 

My love for butterflies began…err.. actually, i have no clues when, but i just fell flat for these pretty evasive creatures.. The way they fly about, free, looking so beautiful  and mysterious….  The 1st sign of my love was getting a butterfly tattoo – yep, the day after my Bday i went right ahead and got myself one!! 🙂 [now, dont ask me the cliched – did it hurt, yes, initial 5-010secs did hurt, but beyond that i just needed patience to sit still for a good hour! if its true that your tattoo does have an impact on your personality, then heck, am a living proof for that… my life changed, am so much more free now than i was earlier… ] ok, anyways, am digressing!!! 

Butterflies held me captivated wherever i spotted them and i had been wanting to visit the Bannerghatta Butterfly Park for nearly a year now, but everytime i visited Blore something or the other happened and i couldnt make this dream come true… Maybe the time hadnt come, and this time when i went to Blore on work, i told myself, i wouldnt think about the park and voila, the dream did come alive!! 

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

While talking to a friend of mine, we touched upon weekend plans and he said “So, do you wanna go to the Butterlfy Park saturday morning? ” and thus began the journey that made me smile , actually grin. Saturday could not have dawned brighter, for i was up and ready armed with camera and heart beating faster at the prospect of being amidst a zillion butterflies…. 

The hour long drive to the Bannerghatta park went in a whiz, only pause was breakfast at Sri Krishna Bhavan across the road from IIM[B]. From there, it was straight to the park, and much to our surprise we saw the parking lot was near empty. My friend knew the Butterfly park was across from the zoo, and we kinda made out way towards the park. It was isolated and quite empty. The minute i saw the Butterfly Park board, i knew i was content~!!! The place looked pretty deserted, except for a few other souls like us with cameras and water bottles.

Actually we were surprised to see a few wanderers, again only those interested in Photography. In a way i was happy, cos crowds meant mess, and disruption of the natural habitat that the Butterflies enjoyed…

Opening the doors to The Conservatory felt like i was opening the doors to heaven… A gush of cool air welcomed us and then i saw nothing- only flutter of wings all over, here some, there some, everywhere some… wow,what a sight it was… Completely lost in the world, a sudden spray of water jolted me to reality. There was a guy who was watering the plants and  cleaning the place. Had my friend talk to him a bit, watched him place cotton dipped in honey on a fake plant kind of setting created in the center of the enclosure and watched the Butterfliy beauties flock towards it… The environment has a tropical setting — complete with the humid climate, an artificial waterfall on one end and plenty plants and shrubs that attract butterflies, 2 small bridges, and some fish floating beneath.

Spent over 2 hours wandering about, enjoying the beauty, watching the Pretty colorful butterflies flit about, some sat still as if waiting for us to click,while others ran from flower to flower thirsty for nectar….. An experience i shall cherish for years to come and i know now i will make repeat visits to this place!

As we walked out, back towards the car, the JLR[jungle lodges] restaurant caught our eye, and we made a beeline to grab a cup of Tea before driving back home~!! 

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.
Richard Buckminster Fuller 

A day like no other… Words and laughter was all i felt within me!! Perfect!! :-))

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