The Saturday dawned much against what i had planned.. Woke up feeling awful. cold and head felt like a tonne.. Just dint have the energy to do anything, but knew i had a lot on my plate for the day!! Alas, as the morning wore on, knew i would have to forego the Social media meet that i had promised @Soravjain i would attend… Sent him a “Sorry cant come unwell ” text and rested…. But around 12.30, felt wee bit better and decided to head out to Subway to meet some of the twitter buds!! Well, i had met @Preethikag, @narayananH, @sathyabhat earlier at the Indiblogger meet, but had no clues who else was gonna turn up!! bah, what the heck- meeting new people was never something i was tensed about… 🙂
Landed in Subway, Egmore around 1.45, and waited…waited… till finally another lost soul- @arby_k landed.. we chit chatted a bit, orderd a dessert each and began waiting for others.. Slowly the crew poured in one by one… till we were about 10 of us!! Good fun cracking up, random jokes, kidding around, each one teasing the other, and some more…. 
Oh , wait.. rewind to about an hour… As i was walking towards Subway, Apar called to ask If i wanted to come for the IPLCSK vS RR match at Chepauk, she had an extra ticket… Thought for about a millisecond and said “Yes, just tell me where and when to land”…  
Ffwd back to NOW…. Had a bite to eat, and kept staring at the watch, waiting for 3.15..and as big hand and small hand moved, i knew i had to bid adieu to this fun group and be on my way!! some even made fun saying —
By the time yu reach the stands match will be over… 
Why do u want to go bake in the sun, sit here with us some more….. hahaha….
This is where one of the most exciting evenings began!! reached the stadium, walked around to Gate 11, which was near the MCC entrance, hunted for friend, couldnt get through to her mobile, was tired,hot, sweaty, just about ready to give up and head home when i saw a familiar face waving at me…  Phew!!! Finally, we managed to find seats, and latch on to watch the action… And what a match it was… We did get amazing seats, awesome view of the entire stadium and a super cool view of the match- ball by ball… 
The joy of watching anything LIVE is something that must be experienced and cant be explained… Be it a concert or a play or a match, the adrelin rush, the excitment, the feeling of “gosh, am a part of this event” is simply phenomenal….  And to be in touch with friends, albeit virtually is another beautiful feeling – good fun!!!
Everytime there was a Sixer or a 4, the entire audience was up and with the players, cheering on!! the same held true when a wicket fell.. And when the 2nd innings began, there was absolute silence, it was as if all were holding their breathe to see what happens… And to think Chennai hit the HIGHEST IPL Score 2nd time in IPL, in their home ground, and won the match was the icing and the cherry on the cake!! 
A Saturday that started out like every other day,but ended on such a high note it took me a while to come back to Earth!! 🙂  
So, next time someone asks you to come along for a LIVE show, HOP SKIP JUMP , go for it!!
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