As i listen to this track Sunset in Akkarai[ remix version] by Earthsync, my heart soars and mind just wanders into the world i would love to live in.

Sunset in Akkarai [Desert Dwellers Dance Remix]is filled with soothing beats that transform with the slow Ghatam and rhythm in every breath. It is as if one walks along the beach, and feels the waves washing up on their feet. The smooth waters, the chill breeze, and the subtle saltiness all combined into one. A beautiful composition that had me hooked, giving me a breather from stress of crazy work schedule that i was caught up in, this particular track leaves me enchanted. I wondered what it was like before the remix, but then that thought was shrugged away.

Part of the New Day- Laya Project, this track works well as it does not sit into one particular genre, but blends well various kinds of music and brings together a wide gamut of instruments as well.

Smooth listening
Soothing for the soul
Rhythm divine!!

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