The other day when i was in Landmark,browsing.. yes, i browse, and i fight hard to not buy any books.. No space at home… No room to make space either!! 
Anyways, am digressing.. i was reading through some books when i heard a mom call out to her girls.. “OK, you girls have fun, mommy is going” she said and began making a move towards the next aisle….She would have just turned, and a girl of about 4-5yrs trotted fast, followed another adorable little thing of 2-2.5yrs and clung to her mom’s legs.
The mom looked at the older one and said “Is this how you behave with mommy?” and then looked sternly and continued -“Say- I love you mommy and i will listen to you” ..
The kid promptly repeated it verbatim…. and then the trio went their way!! 
She gave me a glance, saw me staring at em.. gave me a smile and walked away!! 
Was amazed at what i saw and was wondering if there were really such parents around!!  Is that the mom’s way of teaching her kid to behave or make them love her??? i dont get it…. 
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