One of those days when the TV was free… As i surfed through the channels, i stopped at Discovery as the sight of Grizzly bears caught my eye!! 
There were bears of all sizes standing around a small waterfall,and i knew what they were waiting for.. Salmon… It was time for Salmon Spawning and i could see hundreds of fish jump about the water, probably trying to judge the position of the bears so they could make a dash, swimming upstream, fighting the current…  The bears had their jaws open, not wanting to miss the salmon that jumped past them. This was the bears’ only chance to stuff themselves before winter set in.. Some grizzlies had their cubs with them, so extra mouths to feed. 
Some salmon flew past the bears, some brushing against the fur, and some managed to swerve, alas, there were a few that dint make it.. they were caught and became Lunch for these hungry beasts. As it is, the salmon were swimming upstream to the riverbed where they had been born to lay eggs and end their life..  Of the zillion eggs they lay, some might not make it for there were these birds[forgot the name] that lived on the salmon eggs…  Watching the salmon wiggle, giving up on life and float away in the river, some becoming a meal for the bears and birds around, i felt sad…
Such a sad reality of life for these creatures – they knew their life was over, and yet dint give in to fatigue of battling the current and the bears, just so their next generation would have a chance in making it in the world..

As i watched the show, i was reminded of the Banana tree, it too like these Salmon gives up its life once a baby is born… Amazing, ain’t it? One life has to end for another to begin….
Beautiful and sad!!

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