Decided to have some fun and what better than with words!! So, here goes, lets see who gets em right!! and no, google wont help ya…[i thought of these all on my OWN :-D]
I am Flat,
No, i am not your tummy

I am lean
No, i am not the meat you are gonna cook for dinner

I am fast
No, i am not the horse you watch race by

I am fun
No, i am not a remote controlled toy or your PS2/3

I am useful,
No, i am not some lame washing machine or the TV remote!!

I am aggressive
No, i am not the dog that guards your house

I am an addiction [for some]
No, i am not white coloured powder…. 

I am big
No, i am not your ego

I am pushy
No, i am not your boss 

I am all charged up
No, i am not your camera 

Any guesses????? 

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