Its amazing… mind boggling actually!!  The day i decided to join Prats, Monika and Neha on this NaBloPoMo adventure, i wondered  “will i be able to do it, and will i have enough ideas/thoughts to write a post a day?” But today, am half way there [ so are the others.. yayy] and not a day has been dry/void of ideas…. 

Today is a day of Celebration.. Its Granpa’s 80th B’day!!  No party, no real celebration, but just the fact that he is hale and hearty, and in decent health is a reason for us all to smile !! 

Ironic that my 16th post is on June 16th….granpa’s Bday!! 🙂

 [granpa on left]

Grandparents have gone for a wedding, and am home alone, it just so happened that uncle called to speak/wish granpa… Following the call, i sat reminiscing of the years gone by… it was like only few days ago we had celebrated his 70th Bday at the Sringeri temple here in chennai…. and now 10yrs have passed by … 

    *  Thatha is a true blue Gemini – yes, can get scary at times…

    * He wakes up bright and early in the morning and wishes the whole world would rise when he does[ has learnt that nothing he does will wake us up and so lets us sleep these days..]

    * Simple and believes people should also live a simple life…

    * Will not throw anything away.. even if we trash old diaries, dress etc, he will bring em back and hide them away in the closet space [meant to be used for extra bedding and stuff]

    * His life has been “leather, leather and more leather”… Grew up soaked in the industry that now he gives advice and consultations to those who ask for his help….

    * Dotes on us all to bits.. even though my sis and cousin bro are 20, he still treats them like babies….

    * Gramma is his world.. he will move heaven and earth to fulfill her wishes [he does crib at times,but he will get it done… :)]

    * Lost his older brother, a sister and youngest bro- all of which shattered his world….

Happy Birthday Thatha!!   Here’s to another zillion years…. Love n hugsss!!
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