Well, as i wrote the 16th post, i thought to myself – How am i going to manage the next few days? I am going to be travelling… What do i do!! But the urge, the drive to keep up with the NaBloPoMo had me penning down few extra posts that will pop up daily… 🙂
Its 16th june, and have just about done packing my bags, have about an hour to the train!!! on 18th June, as you are reading this post, am going to be in a town that brings back too many memories, a city i’ve been planning on visiting, but not been able to, till now!! 🙂 Madurai!!
A place where i started school – TVS School, maybe it all started here, i’ve always been to school which was walking distance from home and less than 5mins away. Distinctly remember that I used to love the burnt glass of milk they gave us everyday…. Also remember there were 4 Aarti’s in my class.. 😀
A place where i made my 1st few friends – Sweety, Jyoti, Vinod are some of the kids who were in neighboring houses. We used to spend a lot of time together!!
A place where my 1st stories were cooked up – used to tell all who came home that mom makes yummy fish poruchakuzhambu[ a kind of a sambar] and we are pure veg, and mom made no such thing. The family who lived in the ground floor used to buy,cook fish everyday, and so i guess watching them made me create this story.. Even now, i get teased by family and alike on this… 🙂
And now, as i visit this town again… i wonder what new sights await me..what changes welcome me!!
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