Completing each other sentences is one thing, but to say the exact same thing running in one’s mind is Wow! Over the years, i’ve noticed/come across people with whom i can have a chat where we complete each others sentences… we know whats going to come up!! But been noticing how the person i am talking to SAYS the exact same thing that i was going to say the next second…
And no, i am not talking about inane trivial matters… i am talking about things that are new/serious/important/rare…. 

The other day was at my friend A’s house for dinner…A finished eating and got up from the table, her hubby V and i continued to finish our meal while chatting about work and random things. I was just going to ask him about a common client when he beat me to it and asked the exact same question!! 🙂 

I know its not that uncommon, or nothing surprising, but i just began wondering [yes, we need to keep our minds working right, so think and break it every now and then we do]… 

Do we have this phenomenon only with people we are close to? or are we shooting in the dark and it is sheer coincidence?

Does it spook you when someone broaches a topic, or talks about something that was running in your head??? i am surprised every single time it happens and never expect it… 

Have you had such experiences? Do share!!
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