Had gone half way across town to meet a friend, and while there, buzzed another who lived hoip skip jump away! He came pickd me up and we went to his house!! Was sitting on the floor generally talking catching up with him and his wife, when his son ran around playing. He would run straight towards the door, do a U turn, and straight onto me, falling on my lap. After a few such runs, i told him its not safe, he might fall and hurt his head. When he dint stop, i got up and sat on the sofa..

The little 4yr old got so upset, he sulked, and when no one came to his resuce, he ran outside saying “Aunty,am gonna throw your chappals over the wall”.. I shrugged it off.. 1 min… 2 mins… silence!! My friend commented “he just might do it, go see”.. i ran out to the door to see him standing near the wall holding my chappals n began laughing on seeing me…  As i made a grab for him in a playful manner, he just up and threw them, and one fell over the wall to a sunshade of sorts below…

I walked back into the house saying “he threw my chappal over” and the next min, he was crying his eyes out… took a while, but he clmed down and slept ! and Today morning he dint mention or speak about it at all. After he left for school, using a mop, i managed to retrieve my poor chappal from the abandoned place!!

Phew.. who would think tiny tots had such a temper…..

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