A lady battling with a crying child… who just wont stop crying… and her hubby is busy bonding with some classmate he bumped into on the train
2 guys travelling to a different city for Visa interview… exchanging notes on how much their work sucks and they joined the company only cos of the FOREIGN travel promise…. 
The guy in the seat ahead of mine happily snores away, his seat pushed right behind, almost on my lap..excuse me, do you mind?!!
The steward juggling with endless plates brimming with food, and serves them as the sambar from one of the containers spills on his vest… 
A can of Appy juice that mysteriously appeared near my foot… [wasnt served on the train]
Knowing that the train aint gonna go any further, people rush to grab their bags and make a dash for the exit….whats the hurry????? are you in a race- i wanted to YELL!!! 
The over enthusiastic traveller in the seat behind mine, who kept calling and receiving calls , foll which his conversation was ” I am on my way to Chennai and guess what, am travelling by Shatabdi express”.. How do i know what he said? well, he was …ummm… lets say, not so soft while talking!!! hmfph!!
A comfy window seat, perfect to catch a few winks…
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