A few ago , i got a DM from @soravjain inviting me to be a part of the June 30th  -Social Media Day- Mashable Meetup happening in Chennai!! Saw the message, read the information in the link and then forgot about it till last evening.. Suddenly remembered the meet, went and registered myself on the site and looked forward to being a part of it. 
Finally, today dawned and what do you know-its a crazy busy day since i opened my eyes, actually even before that but alas, i was oblivious to it…  Finished Granpa’s bday homam, got home, worked,and knew i had to send out some stuff before the end of the day… Towards the evening, kinda felt lost and spaced out, but managed to finish the little bit of content left, and got ready and off i went to the Unwind center for the Mashable meetup!!
Reached at 6.40 and left the venue around 9pm..Wonder where the 3hrs went… Met quite a few interesting folks, some familiar , some new and it was good fun talking/interacting with each of them… After years of playing Housie-Housie, got a chance to call out numbers… After many panel discussions, here i was again on the panel answering queries related to social media and how it works!!
Am glad i went… Am glad i carried my cards.. Am glad to have met the people i did!!  looking forward to more such meets!! 
Oh and this is the last post for the month of NaBloPoMo – it has been one awesome experience, one that i enjoyed everyday… Have decided to continue, taking it forward to my other blogs as well … 🙂 Not a day felt forced, not a day went by empty…. A big Thank you to Prats for getting the ball rolling…Kudos to Monika, Neha, Swaram, and Iya  for joining in….  may we all Blog more and may the Fu never end!! 
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