In another 8days, a little birdie will fly off the nest and learn to fly on its own… Am talking about my Sister, who’s off to join her 1st job in a different city… The day she got the job, we were all elated, but in a few minutes a lull set in at home!!
Questions of why couldn’t the company have an office in chennai; Does she have to take it up: Cant she just wait it out for another offer from this city and some more!!!
The only thing me, my bro and my sis said was- Are you crazy to pass up this offer? it is a great company, and starting off here is like a launch into space, one that most people would kill for!! 🙂
As the days are nearing, i see worry written all over mom/gramma/granpa’s faces… Can she manage? How will she wake up at 7am? Will she be able to wash her clothes? Who will take care of her?…
Each one giving her tips and advice, and she getting edgy with every passing day.. Am not saying she cant manage, but my sister is not spoilt, but pampered.. She has people caring for her, sometimes going overboard!! She is way younger than me, and kinda the kid of the family…. which is probably where the worry stems from, what the heck… let her give this chance a try, only then will she know what she is capable of and family will also gain confidence that the birdie can take care of itself…
I guess everyone needs to learn to be independent and become responsible at some point of their life! And this is her time… She knows we all will move heaven and earth for her, but she needs to fly, and stay in the sky, continue to flap her wings, building confidence and strength to reach great heights!!
Am sure she will manage… she is a SURVIVOR!!! :-))

Good luck sweety!!
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