Today, i was at the Ilayaraja’s Nothing But Wind concert with some friends and mom.. There were these 2guiys sitting in the seats right behind us who dint SHUT up for a second… They went on and on about everything that the Emcee said – one of whom was Bosky, the guy with a crazy sense of Humour! And for every statement made by anyone on stage, these two knuckleheads had something to contribute..  I wouldnt have minded the occasional remark, but to keep at it, and in a voice that was not so sweet or silent or subtle was too much to take! The occasional moments of silence should be mentioned, not because it was peaceful, but cos they filled it with the annoying rustle of plastic bags to pull out a banner they had brought!!!

Ater about 20mins of the show commencing, i couldnt take it anymore, I could not hear the music one bit… .. I was done turning and giving them glares, repeated head turns, and sighs… Infact the people sitting around us, on our row, above and below were all pissed off – how do i know, cos they kept turning back, staring at these 2guys and passing comments between each other… 
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I turned around in my seat, looked at the guy right behind me and said – “Do you mind we are are here to listen to the concert – happening on the stage”.. He snorted, glared at me, his buddy turned away pretending to not hear us!! Bah!! I showed em dint i… They did not go all quiet, did continue to pass comments, but it were subtle and quieter than earlier… When the show was over, they were gone before one could say ” Ta da”…

All i want is for People to respect others’ rights and consider their feelings, and sentiments before creating a ruckus… this holds true not just for tonight, but for movies, other shows, plays, concerts, and meetings!! Be a little more sensitive to those around… 🙂
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