Am really beginning to enjoy NaBloPoMo’s blog daily concept!! And so far, i’ve managed to find things i want to write about.. lets see how the rest of the day float along!!!
Today, i decided to take up this tag done by a dear Blogger friend G3.. Quite interesting and new kinda tag.. So here goes-

If I were a month… I’d stick to September [not only was i born in Sep, but as G3 said — September maadham september maadham vaazhvin thunbathai tholaithu vittom…]

If I were a day of the week.. I would love to be Sundays.. When everyone around me is free[well, atleast most of them are] and i get to meet/spend time with the ones who slog it out through the week…Plus, i was born on Sunday… 😉

If I were a time of day… I would be the hour following Midnight… being a night owl, that is when am at my peak…

If I were a season… I would be WINTER.. Cold, chill, snow.. sheer bliss!!

If I were a planet.. I would be EARTH.. my HOME!!

If I were a sea animal.. I want to be a Starfish… So pretty and dainty, they fascinate me…

If I were a direction… I would be all over… I know am being greedy, but its my Tag.. Bah! 😉

If I were a piece of furniture.. I would be the swing.. relax, listen to music, read a book, lounge- perfect..

If I were a liquid.. I would be the ocean.. endless and soothing…

If I were a tree.. I would be Eucalyptus or oak.. Soaring to the skies and reaching above all..

If I were a tool.. I would be the Screwdriver.. pull things apart, and put them back together.. 😀

If I were an element.. I would be Mercury.. love the way it flows..

If I were a gemstone.. I would be Aquamarine or Sapphire — Shades of my favorite color- Blue

If I were a musical instrument… I would be the Saxaphone [ takes my breath away everytime i listen to Kadri gopalnath or Kenny G or Jazz songs..]

If I were a colour… I would be BLUE[ no other colour for me, thank you!!]

If I were a emotion.. I would be the Biggest Smile 🙂

If I were a fruit.. I would be the Litchi [yummm]

If I were a sound.. I would be the sound of Silence [nothing more beautiful]…

If I were a car.. I would be the good old Ambassador… [damn, too many to choose from] 🙂

If I were a food.. I would be Button Mushrooms or Momos ;o)

If I were a taste.. I would be what Divine tastes like…

If I were a scent.. I would be the smell of wet earth… just before Rain

If I were a pair of shoes.. I would be Graffiti/bright coloured Converse … lol

If I were a bird.. I would be the elegant, graceful, beautiful Peacock..

If you like this tag.. go ahead, do it!!

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