“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. Mohammed Ali

Few years ago, one day, as i was walking on the road, i watched a butterfly fly from one flower to the other, free spirited and without a care in the world.. i followed it about 10mins, till i lost track of where it flew. From there on, began my Love for this beautiful creature.Don’t know if it was coincidence, or a sign, but i started receiving gifts or noticing things with a Butterfly on them…
I knew then that i had to spread my wings further and fly , keep flying…… 
1. Received an email forward from a friend with this as the closing picture….
2. Yep, it is what you think it is… i got myself Inked for my Bday…  🙂 was Fun and something i was excited about!! 
3. The Yummilicious bday cake from my dear friend A… :))  sweetheart that she is, sent me aButterfly cake… 
                                                    4. Isnt it adorable? this too was from A…. 🙂 

5. Out of the blue one day i found this pretty butterfly chime, one that granpa had got when i was a baby… Now it proudly hangs on the cupboard in my room.. 🙂 
6. The tag from baby cousin’s outfit during their visit to Chennai in ’09… we had all gone out to dinner, i come back home, and get ready for bed when i see this tag sticking out from under the computer table!! :)) 
7.During my recent visit to Bangalore, a friend brought to life one of my dreams- visit the Bannergatta Butterfly park…
Apart from these, i have a butterfly magnet, couple of earrings and even a bag filled with the beauties… 🙂
And finally, my Laptop wallpaper!!!
Psst.. I take credit for all pics… [the 5th n 6th were clicked on Blackberry and last one ofcourse is off the net] 🙂
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