The day i was gifted my very 1st Enid blyton, i knew what i wanted to be when i grew up!! I wanted to live in a big house, surrounded by books, and running a library!! The one funny thing was i loved music so much, i pictured myself playing various cassettes round the clock…

When all other girls my age where playing with their dolls and kitchen sets, i would be sitting in the balcony or lounging on our sofa with my face buried inside the pages of The Faraway tree or maybe The Naughtiest girl in town! As i grew, my love for books never diminished, infact i would say it has grown consistently… Mom reprimands me even now saying “You wear specs only cos you used to read with not enough light, late in the night’ .. 🙂

Today, i might not be running a library, but have enough books to start one [ i am so tempted to start an online library for starters], and have a lovely circle of friends who all love books, experiment with authors and we swap amidst ourselves….

Well, i knew i wanted to get back to blogging, and what better way than to be a part of NaBloPoMo- June!! A post a day!! 🙂 Woohoo.. feels good!!
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