I have been travelling and been wanting to travel only in the recent past, the bug has bit me… The urge to up and go is quite high, come weekend or holidays…  I had recently written about Travelling means to me … 
Now, i wanna write about what kinda traveller i think i am….
The lighthouse in mahabalipuram

  • I enjoy going to places that arent too crowded
  • I look fwd to exploring a new town, that not many know of
  • I do read up a bit before the journey, but dont go overboard and grab whatever info i can 
  • With every trip, i have started travelling light, but no matter how much i throw out, it seems too much .. 😀 
  • I come back from the trip, and cant stop sharing stories,interesting experiences with people i meet/know
  • And yes, when am not travelling, am constantly reading Travel blogs, or about exotic places…
  • I love travelling alone – can wander about lost in thoughts, or sit in a shack/cafe with a book and be content…. 
  • I have no qualms about eating/watching movies alone – yes, the 1st time it was awkward,but since then its cool… Cos, when am on a holiday, and if there are friends in that town, i cant really expect them to be free when i am.. 🙂
  • Am not a big shopper, i will buy a few things- souvenirs, local art, etc- for a select bunch of people 
  • Love trying out local cuisine/drinks..
The Pamban bridge… with the railway track on it… was quite a beauty

Today,while surfing across a few sites, i came upon a Travel quiz, and here is what it said for me… Interesting.. and so true!! eerie!! 🙂
Your Travel Personality Is: 
The Adventurer

For you, travel is how you learn about the world. And you like to learn the stuff that’s not in guidebooks.

You truly have wanderlust. When you’re not traveling, you’re dreaming about where you’ll go next.

And your travels are truly legendary – they leave you with stories you’ll be telling for the rest of your life!

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