It was time to pack our bags & belongings and move to a new town..Agreed, i was a baby and wasnt aware of the chaos that my parents went through during this transition, but what the heck, this is my blog, am gonna write the way i wanna cook it up!! 😀
The place we called home for the next 4years was the beautiful city filled with Temples – Madurai … The only home i remember was where we lived on the 1st floor and owners/rentals were on the ground floor..I know there were more than few families that moved in and out… the one family that left a mark was one with 2kids- a boy and a girl with whom i used to play, and also because i was totally fascinated with their fish cooking process.. there were these 2other girls from neighboring houses who used to come home, and i distinctly remember going to the terrace and  playing around with skipping rope.. and how one girl would simply lay the rope on the floor and hop across… 😀 
Oh, did i mention i started school in this town? yep, TVS school [Am amazed, surprised and feel good to see there is a wiki pagefor the school] was where i learnt the alphabets and that there were more than one Aarti in this planet!! 😀  .. There were 4 Aarti’s in my class, don’t ask me their initials or surnames, i was a little girl back then…
The highlight of school was the cup of milk and biscuits we got during lunch time… we would all have our lunch, and before nap time[we would roll out mats and knock off for a while on the floor in our classroom].. For some strange reason, these are instances that are registered in my brain very clearly, as if it happened yesterday. An aayya would bring a huge vessel with milk and serve us in small stainless steel tumblers, and i used to love that milk.. and a milk bikis [did we have them back then?] following that before zzz… We used to grate through the biscuit, almost like a game among us to see whose biscuit lasted longest. 
Even today, mom mocks me saying “she used to love that burnt milk in school, asking for 2nd helpings and at home wouldnt drink a glass of good milk”… 😀 
I got a chance to revisit Madurai last month,and the sense of deja vu that hit me as i got out of the station was wow, cant be described in words! felt proud, felt like i was home…  The majestic Meenakshi amman temple welcomed us with open arms, giving us good darshan and heping me relive my childhood days.. 
So wish we cold have visited the famous Thirumalai nayakar palace, but no time- vaguely remember the Sound & light show i’ve seen there… 

Did drag friend and her cousin to the College House hotel, near the station to have a masala dosa and coffee.. Back when we lived in madurai, apparently we visited the hotel so often, that after a point the waiter knew what to bring the minute they saw my face – a plate of poori and one rasagolla…!!! 
Such fond memories!!
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