Everytime i hear the words “Wassup” am tempted to say “the fan, the ceiling, my chimes, few mosquitoes randomly stuck upside down”..[and mind you, i have said one of these, all of these at different points of time] .. but nowadays, i’ve realised people use the word “Wassup” just as a ice breaker!! 
  • Awkward silences are filled with “Wassup”
  • Across social networking sites, micro blogging sites, its become a routine to exchange atleast a handful of “Wassup[s]” with people you’ve been interacting with… 
  • While on chat, if you’ve reached a point where there is nothing more to talk about [oh,yes,that happens with a few souls], in comes the infamous “Wassup”
  • Not to forget , text messages… especially from people who you’ve not been in touch with for a while.. out of the blue, bursting in your face .. there it is, the unmistakeable — “Wassup”… 
It is nice to hear the word at times… atleast lets you know the other person remembers you!! 😀
No more How are you doing? or Whats happening at your end?  be it a normal meeting;a do or die situation.. its always…………….yep, you guessed it….. “Wassup”
So, Wassup people? been long since i was here..!! all going good at your end i hope… Am sure you’ve all had your share of —
–Few mishaps every now and then
–Headaches and painful bosses on your ass
–Wondering if life is going the way you planned it or not
–Felt the need to show the middle finger  a few times every day… 
he he… 
“Wassup” i say!!! 😀

Disclaimer: I opened the New post box, and stared at it.. and then , my hands and keyboard took over and the post happened…!! :o)
And if you know me, you’ll know i am a good & sweet gurl… lolz!!

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