The white cat sneaked into our home
through the window in my room
I watched him dash by
Ran to chase him out
Shoo shoo, i followed him
into the bedroom, and under the bed
he ran
Shoo, shoo, i followed him out
under the dining table he decided 
to hide
Shoo,Shoo, i followed him out,
He r an to the window, but knew not 
how to get out
Opened the front door
Shoo, shoo, i tried to chase him out
Alas, he would not even peep out
Shoo, Shoo, i chased him some more
Till he ran helter skelter through
all open doors 
Tired and scared
he gave up,
Stoodnext to the back door,
whining at me
As if to say “am sorry, but cant you open the door any faster”
The door opened
and out he ran
The cute little white cat!! 
 This is him!!
(c)Aaarti – 29th Aug ’10
Wrote this based on what really happened today afternoon!! πŸ˜€ Took me a few mins to understand why he dint run out through the front door.. Floppy was waiting to attack outside the door!! πŸ™‚
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