During my recent trip to Hampi and Anegundi, i spotted quite a few birds.. Now i know i dont have the camera to take good pictures of these feathered friends of mine, but i did manage to get some shots…. hazy but what the heck!! 😀 
Hampi is filled with water bodies, thick forests and mountains, which are perfect for birds to hide out in… We dint even have to go looking for them, the birds were there all around us.. Some looked like they were basking in the sun, while others were grazing in the paddy fields, and waiting for the odd fish to wash up in the currents in  the raging Tunga badra river…. 
 2 pied kingfishers on the wall
 1 more we saw near the water…[photoshoped by friend]
A cormoran sun bathing…
Weaver bird nests and a bird hovering about..
A shrike in the bush…
Another shrike on bush nearby, managed to get a better shot..
Another bird we spotted is a personal favorite…. and this time, we saw not one, but 7 of them that both Laakshmi and i were were wondering “whats happening”… 😀 
We also managed to cross the river [in a coracle/parisal/round shaped boat] to explore Anegundi, a village known to be older than Hampi  and believed to be the mythical Kishkinda [monkey kingdom of Ramayana].. This i know cos Lakshmi was talking about it as we rode along…. 
bee eaters on a wire…How many do you spot??
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