Yes, it does happen to me!! There is just one circumstance, situation where i am left speechless and have no clues what to say….. and this leaves me feeling helpless..Not a good feeling i tell you!
Everytime someone close to me passes away, or loses someone -am in this zone… I want to reach out, but the only way i know how to is “to be there for them”and let them know “they have a friend in me ready to listen to simply just be with them”…. All i say is “i know what you are going through or its ok, just remember you are not alone”…
I have no clues what to say, for i know nothing i say will make them feel better or bring back that person
and i hate anyone using the phrase “time heals“… i want to turn right back and ask them “does it really?”… Cos no matter what kind of a loss it is- be it heartbreak or death, time does not really heal anything….  so, this is one phrase you will Never hear from me! 
The past week, everyday i pick up the phone to call Ar, but i dont… We are quite close, infact we recently went on a trip together recently… We dont live in the same city, else i would have been at her house, by her side through this rough time…  She lost her mom few days back, and i can only begin to imagine what she must be going through…sigh…. 
Today is her birthday…. i sent her a message wishing her and letting her know i am unable to call for loss of words… my heart goes out to her, and i hope she knows she is not alone….!! 
Infact when i read about IHM‘s daughter passing away, it was a similar state… I dont know IHM too well, its only our interactions on blogworld and Twitter, but i did feel close, we connected on some level.. infact we used to discuss dogs on the street ever so often, putting up pics regularly on twitter.. 🙂 and she would send me bird pictures she had taken to identify those feathered creatures………. Well, i was shocked when i heard the news.. everytime she writes a post, i go, i read, and all i can comment is “hugs”.. “take care”…
How do you deal with such a circumstance?  Is there ever a right thing to say?
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