What is it about families that has us going “Oh no, not again?’

What is it about calls from certain friends that make us go “Awww, couldnt we keep talking….”

What is it about a few people that make us think “oh jeez, there he/she goes again.. doesnt he/she ever get tired?”

What is it about certain shops that has us “tired and vexed “

What is it about a few tasks that leaves us “Exasperated, excited and anxious”

What is it about pets that makes us wonder “Wow, He/she sure loves me more than anything in the world, wonder how i got so lucky”

What is it about select books that “churns our tummies…. makes us weep…. has us laughing out loud…. gasping…. banging our head and wondering why we picked up the book”

What is it about few songs that has us “singing along, loud…… Switching to next track even before the track begins…. sharing the track with friends and others…….looking for other songs by same singer.”

What is it about select destinations, that makes us “want to visit again…. leaves us overwhelmed…. envelopes us in its warmth….. brings out the child in us”

What is it about certain dishes that will always “have us salivating…. yearning to savour it again….. dreading a visit to the hotel……….. dying to get the recipe and try “

What is it about those few movies that has us “Smiling…………… tapping our feet… weeping…. getting angry…. totally getting involved… switching off the DVD or TV instantly”

😀 ever wondered these?????

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