“Are you journalists?” 
“In which paper do you write”
‘You are both travelling alone?”
were some questions that sparked off conversations, helping us kill time, making the bus journey enjoyable. 

We were back on the bus and on the road after a brief stop in Chidambaram for about an hour, just enough time to check into the hotel near the bus stand and grab a quick lunch. 

‘How much further to Nagore?” i asked the man in the seat ahead of ours.
 “Another 10 mins maximum.. you are going to the Dargah?” he replied.
“Yes, sir.” we replied in unison. 

Though Nagore and the Dargah had not been in our initial plan, since we were heading down that road, we decided to make a quick stop here. This was the 2nd time S and i were doing one of our up and go weekend backpacking trips… 

Destination – unknown [ we had zeroed in on Chidambaram to be our base and thought we shall wander around there… maybe as far as Veilankanni church…]

Duration of trip – 2 short days  

Agenda– None 🙂 

Travellers– 2 absolutely excited souls… me and S 

I was telling S -“My grandparents have been here… apparently people from all religions are welcome here and they visit here- not just for a prayer, but consider the Dargah to have special powers”  when the bus drew to a sudden halt.  Bidding good bye to our fellow passengers we spotted the colorful walls of the Dargah ahead of us just as we stepped of the bus.

A small elephant stood near the entrance blessing visitors. it had a crescent and a star on the forehead and looked no bigger than a baby.

As we walked into the  long corridor leading to the Dargah, rows of brightly lit shops caught our eye on either side of the walk way. filled with little knick knacks, toys, garlands, souvenir from the Dargah. it was quite a sight. 

Nagore One of the popular pilgrimage centres for Muslims in Tamil Nadu is the Dargah at Nagore. The tomb is more than 500 years old. It has a golden dome, flanked by five minarets. It also has a tank called Peer Kulam, which is believed to have waters with curative properties. The Kandhoori festival of the Saint, during the Islamic month of Jumad Thani (Jumad Akhir) is an important festival celebrated by people of all religions.

Situated 4 kms north of Nagapattinam, Nagore is home to the famous Dargah of Sufi Saint Hazrath Syed Shahul Hameed Quadir Wali 

Entering the Dargah, a man came towards us, and asked us to leave our bags near the door and follow him inside. Noticing the apprehension in our faces, he showed us an ID card saying he was an authorized personnel from the Dargah. guided us to a room just outside the main prayer room, and offered us a few packets and asked us to make a donation, minimum of Rs100… We were taken aback, and realized here was another way of making us part with our money… Managed to convince him we were students and offered a smaller sum and rushed to head out of the place… 

Looking for a place to pick up some water from, we looked forward to other adventures that awaited us that day.. 

1st one taken on my N95 8GB phone
others on my canon camera[film camera :)]

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