Felt like we were on a treasure hunt, no clues or no directions either.. We kept walking up and down the aisles, crowded with people, and noise filling our ears from all corners… We were at the new mall in Chennai- Express Avenue..  It all began 10mins earlier, when we reached the 2nd floor and A suddenly mentioned “Kenko”, and how her office gets a discount with them, which she had facilitated…  
I pulled out my Blackberry, and found the address for Kenko= S289, 2nd floor.. Alas,this dint really help, none of the shops knew their number or where 289 was… Finally, one soul [security guard] guided us and voila, we found a standee for “Kenko”… 
Standing outside the door, we debated on “should we go in, or not”… Curiosity got the better of us .. We walked into the dimly lit Spa, white comfy looking sofas lined the walls, a curved reception area with a big statue of Buddha behind glowing in the blue light from the ceiling.. 

Kenko, popularly known for its Reflexology and Fish therapy.. Kenko, which means β€˜healthy’ in Japanese, has its headquarters in Singapore and is very popular all over Malaysia and Indonesia.

 Few minutes later, i was getting my feet washed and was guided to a tank filled with a zillion little silver fish… These fish feed on Dead cells, and are imported from Turkey is what Ajit Menon, the man[COO] who brought Kenko to Chennai told us… And with that, i had done one more new thing for the year 2010.. Woohoo! πŸ™‚
My friend too bit the bait, and took her place on the platform next to mine… Within minutes, i was over the tickly buzz that the fish were creating on my leg and was floating away into lala land… We had chosen to try the 15min Fish spa treatment, just to see what it was all about… What fun!! And at the end of the time, i actually felt nice, my feet were soft, and felt good..i dint want to walk around, but wanted to put them pretty feet up and lounge… πŸ™‚ 
A also tried out the Ear Candling treatment=  apparently they put a candle in your ear, light it up, massage olive oil on neck and face to help release toxins from inside… They also have quite a few other options and combos for those who are looking for relaxation… 

Other services:: Head Acupressure, Aromatic head Massage, Shoulder and Back Massage, Harmony Body Massage for women, Ear Candling, Head to Toe massage …. 

Ambience: I quite liked the ambience, it was soothing, and the colours added to the atmosphere..
Price: Not very expensive.. The 15mins fish spa was Rs300.. They have some good deals starting from Rs600 [fish spa+ Massage or reflexology, etc] 
Service: Excellent.. Those working here are very professional and damn sweet [indulging in our quirks, soothing the fears]
Location: perfect.. Away from the hustle bustle of the mall, the crowd,and shops, the Spa is located at the far corner [The other end from Odyssey, on 2nd floor]
Suitable for people across ages… kids to adults… infact we saw quite a few members from a single family enjoying and sharing their experiences… πŸ™‚
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