It was a weekend getaway that was completely relaxed, and perfect… All that we did was walk around the vast property, soak in the beauty of nature, and bird watching….. We had chosen Bikode, Coffee plantations as our destinations!!
It was one of those days when constant drizzle had us cooped us inside,atleast for a few hours during the afternoon… As i wandered the porch, looking out to see if the drizzle was letting up, i saw this little mouse near a plant. Instantly, i ran out to see if he was ok, or hurt… I saw him gasping for breath… 
Gently i picked him up, brought him indoors and tried feeding him some milk… he was so tiny, was lost in my palm and all he did was lie there gasping… My heart went out to him…. And within a blink of an eye, he stoped gasping and was gone…. a tiny tear i felt trickle down my cheek as i put him down… The cook and maid asked me to just leave him in a corner, but i just couldnt… 
I wondered if he had a fun life…
or if he was being chased by cats and dogs
I wonder if he had a family
or if he was alone
I wondered what brought him here
or had a bird of prey dropped him while taking him to their nest….. 
RIP Mr Mousey….. 
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