Dear Days Flying by,
Wonder why you are passing by so fast. Why dont you stop and catch your breath?! I would so love to cherish a few moments here and there, just put my feet up, and enjoy the new sofa… I would also like to chill out and spend a few minutes chatting with my grandparents… Or maybe just go for a leisure walk, listen to music, and enjoy My company..
Dear Yesterday, 
Where oh where have you gone? Are you hiding or did you run away from me? I was sure i treated you well, kept you smiling, and dint tax you too much… Ummm, any doubts? do you want to come by once again and visit me please? 
The little hand seemed to chase the big hand , and the seconds hand wasnt helping either…. Damn the alarm button..That is the most hyper over enthusiastic in the lot i know… Can i just take him out and let him rest?
Do you know– Its been so long since i met some friends of mine, its been long since i went to the library…
Am not saying am busy 24 X 7, but it sure feels like my mind is buzzing all the time, and hence, no “free time”
Running from one meeting to another, well,not literally, but almost… 
Cooking at home between work, Answering calls, sending mails, completing work- Sheesh, i wonder how all those working women who also manage families do it… 
Today, i nearly left home with the towel on my head… Thank God, i realized, else would have been quite a surprise..
I was up early, but had no mood to cook, was actually working till 8, then rushed to get ready and scoot for the meeting.. Wanted to not do anything, felt guilty for feeling that, and yet went about doing what i do… 
I want to pause the clock, just stand still, and soak in the moment
I want to freeze time, and let the days wait a bit , linger on….
Dear Tomorrow, 
What do you have in store for me? Am sure its going to be yet another packed day, a day that begins when sun rises, and goes on till the sun is ready to rise again…. 
Pongal around the corner, there is bound to be some extra shuttling- shopping, going to and fro to mom’s place- helping out, being part of the function…
And work doesnt sit back and say “go ahead, have fun girl, we shall wait”…
Am not complaining, am happy being busy, i get a HIGH being busy and occupied…
Guess i’ll have to wait and see.. 
Remember, am watching you!!! 😉
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